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Many of you might remember Touch Eliss, the legendary ultra-casual game that was first released for iOS in 2014. It was an award-winning game with innovative multitouch gameplay and a zen-like quality. Every time I played the game, I felt relaxed and ended up playing it every evening to help me calm down after a stressful workday.

In Touch Eliss, you'd drop planets onto other planets of the same color and suitably sized 'squeesars' (wormholes), which would then explode in a cloud of space dust. If planets of different colors collided, your energy level would drop at a terrifying speed. The game was known for being unique in its gameplay and design, and though it could be challenging at times, it was considered to be one of the first hyper-casual games.

Being such a big fan of Touch Eliss, I'm happy to announce that is now part of We're taking all the best aspects of Touch Eliss and bringing them together in a new game called Eliss Lines.

The goal of this zen-like game is to create the longest line by either placing or removing dots along a line. By playing this game, you'll get a relaxing and abstract experience that'll be sure to calm you down after a stressful day.

You can play a short game while commuting, but more than often, you'll find yourself 10 levels in, having the time of your life.

We hope you'll enjoy our latest game, and if you have any feedback, don't hesitate to write us at

Have fun playing!